• Tips Masak Sayur Daging Kuah Bening - Who does not know the Sop Ubi? It seemed every citizen Makassar never tasted food this one. Although this dish is favored citizens culinary Makassar but this one is not as popular as Sop Konro culinary Makassar or Coto Makassar. Potato soup itself is one of the traditional cuisine of simple materials that manioc or cassava is easily obtained in Makassar and the surrounding areas.

    One day while talking with my sister, my brother suddenly told me he said he had a friend whose parents sell yam soup was very tasty even been covered in one of the culinary program at one of the national television station. His name Datu Museng Sweet Sop Original Aisle! Sweet Sop called Datu Original Museng hallway because the stall is located at Jalan Datu Museng and is located in the hallway. Well, at that time I was asking myself, wherever I am as long as this? Why am I so miss to enjoy the culinary my favorite? The next day, I went straight to Jl. Datu Museng Aisle II # 5 (Lorong Side Hospital Stella Maris), only need to walk about 50 meters from Losari.

    I did not dampen the hot sun to enjoy this culinary, how no potato soup is one of my favorite culinary. I had difficulty looking for it because it was located completely in the aisle (aisle) narrow, when he got there I immediately entered. Lucky, when it was at 11.00 pm, so visitors are not too crowded. She's supposed to be booming visitor at lunch time (12:00 to 13:00 o'clock pm), visitors often have to queue to enjoy this culinary one.

    I immediately took a seat that berdektan the door. Seen some visitors with family and children who were enjoying kelnikmatan potato soup. Soon a mother approached me and asked to use the bean sprouts or not? In the past I did not like to eat bean sprouts, but after finding out that the benefits of sprouts very much I was trying to eat them until finally love. Some of the benefits include bean sprouts, to prevent many deadly diseases such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. Bean sprouts are also useful to improve fertility and immunity. In addition there are many other benefits of bean sprouts so it is saying if you eat potato soup without sprouts.

    While waiting for my order, my eyes fixed on some photos are displayed right in front of me. Apparently the photo is a photograph "Bondan Winarno and Asty Ananta who've been to this place. In my mind, the shop owner is exceptional, although the stall is small but visitors are famous people and even the former mayor of Makassar, Ilham Arief Sirajuddin and Deputy Mayor of Guntur and officials Supomo also makes this diner a favorite place their culinary. Hmm ,,, salut!

    Has not been exhausted my admiration, apparently my order has arrived. I also can not wait to eat it. Deftly I take slices of lemon, soy sauce and Lombok (sauce) and stir-fry mix into potato soup. I immediately eat. Slurrpp ... Delicious! A blend of various materials such as rice noodles, eggs, meat slices, bean sprouts, peanuts, and other secret spices really presents a distinctive taste and is not unbeatable in Makassar. Yes, there is second to none in Makassar, potato soup I have ever enjoyed in several food stalls and even in hotel / restaurant though which he said was made by a famous chef, but it was not yet senikmat Sweet Sop Datu Original Museng hallway.

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